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Streetwise Delivery is an international forwarder specialized in forwarding your shipments from and to any destinations of your choice. We design and implement industry-leading solutions together with our worldwide network of partners. We are committed to rendering top-rated services at all times and will strive every time to make our services is a reference point in the courier and logistic management services in Nigeria and where requested outside Nigeria. Welcome to our community.

 Abiodun Ayodele

 Managing Director


Deliveries of Mails, Parcels, and Cargoes
We collect and deliver mails, parcels, and cargoes from anywhere in the world even at short notices Door-to-Door.

Our clients are assured of quick deliveries of their heavy cargoes to any location in Nigeria and beyond such as the neighboring countries and world over.

We provide warehouses for clients irrespective of location, and guarantee adequate protection of their goods.

Freight Clearing
We guarantee prompt, efficient, and cost-effective clearance of goods of whatever description at any Airports and Seaports and can broker freight rates for clients as may be required.

Logistics Syndication
We arrange complex local and international logistics for clients to secure the prompt clearing of their goods at airports, seaports, transit routes, company premises, etc.

Mailroom Management
Our organization manages mailrooms for large and small organizations cheaply and efficiently; using adequately trained personnel.

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We always respond quickly to requests.

Our staff always find a way to be of help on every request.

You can track your shipment with ease.

You are assured of a discount on your shipment. We also take advantage of large courier networks to help our clients.

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Testimonies From Clients


Matthew Adeleye

Frandimore Tech
Capitalising on your discount for every shipment was particularly helpful to me as it enabled me to stay within my budget.

Sarah Anthony

Green Moley, Abuja FCT
Your staff are quite excellent to deal with unlike what I encountered at some other courier companies.


Your efficient planning, scheduling, management, and tracking resulted in timely completion of our cargo movement to destination. Particularly refreshing was the spirit of cooperation demonstrated by your firm which served to minimize costly delays.

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  • Suite 35, Block C, Iyana Ejigbo Shopping Arcade, Ejigbo. Lagos.
  • +234 8066759838, 8033124675

Track the Movement of Your Shipment